OKC Night

Top:  here  | Shorts:  here  | Purse:  here

Top: here | Shorts: here | Purse: here


Drew is a die hard Lebron James fan, but he has never seen him play live! So this year for his birthday in February I decided to surprise him with a trip to see Lebron and the Lakers play in OKC! Unfortunately about 3 days before the game it was announced that Lebron wouldn’t be playing again for the rest of the season… so Drew still hasn’t seen him! I hope next year we can make a trip to LA, since neither of us have been. I’d love for Drew to be able to go to a game there, but with the craziness of a Miss Texas schedule it wasn’t able to happen this year.

Oklahoma has a whole new appeal to me now, and thats because one of my favorite people ever lives there! My very best friend that I made at Miss America this year was Ashley, Miss Oklahoma (shocker OK & TX besties lol)! I genuinely believe God had it perfectly aligned that Ashley and I would be Miss America sisters (along with the other 49 perfect humans he picked), and man oh man I am so thankful! Ash competed 6 years and I competed 5 before winning our states, and it was the perfect match. We joke about how we literally feel like we’ve been friends our entire lives, and it is the sweetest sisterhood I could’ve ever asked for.

So, Drew and I packed our bags and headed to OKC for a quick overnight trip to explore downtown OKC and (not) watch Lebron! Ashley took us to the Myriad Botanical Garden, and I’m kicking myself for not taking more photos because it was so beautiful!

Top:  here  | Jeans:  here  | Slides:  here  | Bag:  here

Top: here | Jeans: here | Slides: here | Bag: here


Before the game we ate at Iguana Mexican Grill which was absolutely delicious and had some awesome happy hour deals for Taco Tuesday! Ashley and I quickly bonded over our love for queso and diet cokes at Miss A, so it was only fitting to eat Mexican food.

Later in the evening Cade, Ashley’s boyfriend met up with us for the game! The game was an absolute blast, the Thunder won, and apparently I “witnessed history” according to Drew because Russell Westbrook had a double, triple, double?? I don’t even know what that means or if I’m even saying it correctly…but okay awesome! I’m so glad Drew enjoyed the game, and I got to catch up with my Miss A bestie!

Sneakers:  here  | Earrings:  here

Sneakers: here | Earrings: here


Life is oh so good when you’re surrounded by sweet friends! Happy 2 months late birthday Drew!


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