Hi! I'm Madison!


I am a twenty something Texan with a love for life and living colorfully.  Here you will find stories of some of my greatest joys in life-- meeting new people, fashion, teaching, ventriloquism, and my love for the Miss America Organization.

I am currently Miss Texas 2018 and had the honor of representing the great state of Texas on the iconic Miss America Stage in Atlantic City this past September. It is a life-long dream come true to be Miss Texas, and I have learned so much about myself from doing this job every day. I’m a better person because of the people I’ve met and opportunities I’ve experienced this year.

At 6 years old, I saw my first ventriloquism performance and immediately fell in love. Months later I received my very first ventriloquism puppet and never looked back. Eighteen years later, I love it now more than ever.

I'm a graduate of Texas A&M University (whoop!) with a degree in communication. Quickly after graduation, God called me to the classroom and I began spending my days surrounded by 19 five-year-olds who brightened my life more than I could ever possibly imagine. While my teaching career is put on a brief hold, I plan to return to the classroom in Fall 2019!

I relentlessly pursue dreams and goals set for myself, but ultimately know I have been blessed with far more than I will ever deserve by a mighty and loving Lord. 

So, let's be friends! I smile frequently and love the color yellow--the world can always use a little more sunshine ☀


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Photos taken by: Images by April &  5.2.7 Photo